UDTH Accounting

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Supplies Contractor

"Set up my inventory controls and digital payments. My cash flow reports were accurate and timely. Highly recommended firm."


Chris Tessien

U.S. Paratrooper Building Supplies


General Contractor

"I had a really tough time with preparing for audits on time. We used their hourly services to sub out our accounting. It's been a great decision."

UDTH Accounting NYC

Michelle Homer



Specialty Contractor

"Specific industry knowledge in my accounting firm is amazing. From HVAC to Roofing to Concrete. My books are accurate and on time, every time."

UDTH Accounting NYC

Teresa Sigler

Rebar Steel Corporation

Our story

Our accounting firm focuses on what contractors need. We know you need an affordable way to keep your books intact. We know you need to use something to track costs, do your payroll and take care of the taxes.

We know you have to work with unions sometimes. We know that sometimes you need guidance on keeping track of all the billable items and know what is taxable and what is not. We know because we have been there.