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Our clients IN NYC say

"I had a difficult time tracking what was business expenses vs. what was personal. I also like to leave everything to the last minute. I was in a bind and I called UDTH Accounting. They were able to back track for the entire year and provide my accountant with something to work with. Thanks!"
Larry Hurtstein
"I do any kind of work and get paid in all different ways. UDTH Accounting helped me to set up less expensive payment terminals than options like square and clover."
UDTH Accounting NYC
Sasha Roberts
Freelance Marketer
"My NYC law firm found UDTH Accounting as an opportunity to know a trusted bookkeeping firm. It's hard to find decent bookkeepers that will do what they say with will. With UDTH Accounting, we got reports on time and our data was also correct.
UDTH Accounting NYC
Jennifer Fernandez
Attorney at Law
""I don't have a huge business, but i needed a firm to track my travel expenses, invoice my clients and make sure I got paid. UDTH did that for me and more. They are a great team and easy to collaborate with."
UDTH Accounting NYC
Quinn Leigh

monthly requisitions

Our NYC team will perform monthly requisitions for each of your bank accounts, lines of credit, term loans, and credit cards.

Weekly Transactions

Your QuickBooks account should be up-to-date regularly. Unlike others, we update your accounts weekly. This allows you to view Bank and CC balances so you can make informed decisions.

direct deposit payroll

We manage payroll all different ways for all different types of businesses in NYC. Each business is unique in the way they pay their employees. Let us do the technical side of the payroll process.


Reports are the backbone of your business. You can't improve what you don't measure. We provide simple and advanced reports that use Busness Intelligence to tell your custom story.​

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Frequently asked questions

Founded by Scott Smith and operated by Mark Hackmann, UDTH Accounting was built as a response to the needs of  the micro and small business communities. Scott and Mark met while at Law School in San Diego, California we began working together writing International Tax Law and International Company Law publications for a major professional publication. 

In short, UDTH helps small businesses in NYC succeed in a tough regulatory and financial environment. Scott, a New York native and Mark, born and raised in St. Louis are individuals uniquely suited to navigate this environment given their positioning and  emotional desire to create a level playing field for all businesses regardless of size and resources.

UDTH Accounting works with both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. If you an active QuickBooks Online account we can use that. Our team can help you in setting up a new account in QuickBooks Desktop using our affiliation, reducing your monthly software cost to $. Quickbooks Online is a great product and allows all parties access via their favorite browser. You will still get Monthly Reports, Weekly Transaction Recording and Monthly Reconciliations.

Security is our highest priority. We pride ourselves in having developed a reliable and private system that is supported by the major software providers; Microsoft, QuickBooks and LogMeIn. All of your files are stored directly on our private server. No cloud servers means no exposure to cloud security risks. This also means access to a secure U.S. IP address through a VPN tunnel for your team. Allowing you to have US browser access while traveling abroad.

We usually advise mid-size businesses with detailed inventory and costing requirement to use QuickBooks Desktop while encouraging service based businesses to use QuickBooks Online.

Bookkeepers record, store and retrieve financial transactions for a company or non-profit organization. Bookkeepers much have detailed knowledge of debits and credits with a basic understanding of financial accounting. Including the balance sheet and income statement. Bookkeepers record the financial effects of a transaction.

Bookkeepers are not tax preparers. Accountants are required to interpret the transactions as accurate and agreeable with general accounting principles.

Proper bookkeeping will reduce the costs of an accountant and in some cases, allow the business owner to file taxes directly from the bookkeeping software.

*Always consult a CPA before filling your own business taxes.

Send us an email. We will contact you ASAP to discuss your company’s financial position.